ValhallaRoom + SH101

I was testing a new build of ValhallaRoom on my G4 Mac Mini, and ran my trusty SH101 through a single instance of Room in GarageBand:

The SH101 is using a mix of Saw and SubOsc (-1 Oct) waveforms. All chorusing and modulation comes from ValhallaRoom. The decay is set to 100 seconds, using the LargeChamber algorithm. The Early Mod Depth is very high, with fairly slow modulation, and the Early signal is sent into the Late reverb, which is also being modulated.

I am currently finishing up the installer for the 32/64-bit Windows VSTs. Check back here for updates.

About the author:

Sean Costello is the "algorithmic reverb plugin wizard" [citation needed] at Valhalla DSP.


  1. A nice sound, and I am happy to read about the Windows release coming soon. I am so happy with Valhalla shimmer, and you wrote the code for EOS too, so I decided to buy your Room reverb as soon as it is ready. Seems it was a wise decision not to get any reverb since 7 years, apart from your ones ;-)) and Reverberate (a convolution reverb).

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