New CD released with ValhallaRoom as the main reverb

This was recently posted to Gearslutz:

Very proud to announce Blue Umbrella’s debut album, “Ancient Freedom Songs”.

Blue Umbrella | Ancient Freedom Songs









This album has been a year in the making.
During that time many different ITB reverbs have been used.
All the usual suspects were tried……

In the end, Valhalla Room was used for all ITB reverb duties.

There were 6 separate aux reverb sends used, each with Room.
Vox, snare, sax, guitar 1, guitar 2, percussion.
All aux sends used Dark algos, mainly Dark Room and Dark Chamber.
Some keys and strings tracks used Room as an insert.

We used Room because we love the space it creates without being too obvious. Subtle, smooth and wide.

Thanks Sean, love your work.

Here in Perth the CD Launch is Friday night at Steve’s in Nedlands.

Congratulations on the CD release!

About the author:

Sean Costello is the "algorithmic reverb plugin wizard" [citation needed] at Valhalla DSP.

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  1. I just checked the 6 aux sends to remind me which Room algos I used on the Blue Umbrella CD.

    vox = Dark Chamber
    sax = Nostromo
    snare = Dark Room
    guitar 1 = Dark Room
    guitar 2 = Dark Room
    percussion = Dark Room

    On the strings I used Large Chamber as an insert.
    On the Rhodes I used Dark Room as an insert.

    So there is the proof, I’m a big fan of Dark Room.

    Looking forward to ÜberMod

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