ValhallaÜberMod: The Name

My wife and I were on a walk in the early fall. I was talking with her about the plugin I had been working on for a while, ValhallaChorus. The name wasn’t fitting the plugin anymore, as it was starting to enter the realm of the weird.

“How about ValhallaChorusPlus?” I asked my wife.

“Too wimpy,” she replied. “It sounds like something I would keep in my purse, next to my tampons.”

We threw a bunch more names out there, but none of them seemed right.

“How about ValhallaOverMod?” I suggested. The OverMod control had just been put into the plugin.

My wife responded, “How about ValhallaÜberMod?”

We both started cracking up. And thus the name was born.

My wife is a cool gal.

About the author:

Sean Costello is the "algorithmic reverb plugin wizard" [citation needed] at Valhalla DSP.

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  1. Yeah, that’s cool! Best greetings to your wife, and as a sidenote it is highly apprecciated that a German word finally made it into the plugin INCLUDING the small nasty dots on top of the “u” 🙂

    Matthias, Germany

    1. For some reason, when I first ported things to Windows, the ÜberMod text in the plugin showed up as ÃberMod. Umlauts are harder to type in Windows than OSX.

      I love the way that the Ü looks, written in Futura Demibold.

      Have there been umlauts in any of the plugin or DAW names from Germany? There seem to be a lot more DAW/plugin companies in Germany than in the US, especially in proportion to the population. Ableton, Native Instruments, U-He, Steinberg, Emagic (the Logic team is apparently still largely based in Germany), just to name a few.

    1. I didn’t know about the Boosh until after releasing ÜberMod. Tragic, I know. When I first saw the Jungle episode, I have to admit I was a very happy camper.

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