1. You’re most welcome, but you forgot to tell that I own the “Valhalla Suite” like “10 minutes”. I shall send you another video in due time.

    Take 1 naked
    T2 + VRoom on Insert 2
    T3 + VShimmer on AUX
    T4 + VMod on Insert 1

    For what it’s worth, I am not affiliated with Valhalla DSP, and I only got a demo of Vmod and was goofing with some voice samples from Cait McWhir – 8 Dio Forgotton voices CAIT – which caused quite a few jaw drops. I was taken a back to be honest as I did not expect such a sonic quality by a long stretch. However, this demo was interrupted every 45 seconds, and I hate this. Gimme a time limitation, and no saving of presets etc., fine, but I need to listen to longer passages to be able for my ears to tune into something as subtle as delicate as Sean’s creations can be.

    So I just bought it, and played for another 30 minutes or so with different material, by then my jaw really hit the floor, and I ordered VShimmer and VRoom straight away.

    There really are only a few developers out there that I would buy from blindfold, people like Eric Persing (Spectrasonics).

    Welcome on my list Sean 🙂 Thanks a lot for producing such outstanding quality and making it affordable for many musicians. This is more than DSP work, this is labor of love and it shows!

    After skimping quickly over your blog, your dedication is obvious to me, i am very impressed, pure excellence!

    Best wishes
    Georg R. Baumann

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