Technical Difficulties (FIXED as of 3/21/2017)

We’re experiencing some website issues. It looks like people can’t actually BUY things right now, as the website is having problems connecting to our payment gateways. WHEEEEEE.

We’re working on fixing this as soon as possible. In the meantime, existing customers can access their user accounts, and all that good stuff. Thanks for your patience!

EDIT: Fixed as of Tuesday morning. We’re still gonna leave the Simpson’s reference in place.

About the author:

Sean Costello is the "algorithmic reverb plugin wizard" [citation needed] at Valhalla DSP.

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  1. Hi Sean –
    Just came across the Shimmer ‘manual’. Nice job in the compilation of your writings. It’s helpful to have all of the tips, tricks, and thinking behind Shimmer in one place. You’ve written extensively about Room, Plate, and Ubermod also but not Vintageverb. Some tips and tricks for that plugin would be great also. Thanks.

  2. Hi Eric, Thanks for your great observation and suggestion. We were just thinking the same thing. We’ll be focusing on it this year – stay tuned!

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