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Category - DSP Philosophy

ValhallaPlate, Diffusion, and Presets

Diffusion, DSP Philosophy, Plates, reverb, Reverb Beards, reverb design, Reverbskägg

One of the goals for ValhallaPlate was to have a minimal user interface. The goal was to have as many controls as necessary to sculpt beautiful plate reverberation, but no more. Any parameters that were deemed superfluous, or…

What is UberMod?

DSP Philosophy, Multitap, Pitch Shifting, Plugins, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod, at its heart, is a stereo modulated multitap delay line. The signal is written into parallel delay lines (1 for left, 1 for right), and is read out by one or more delay taps. The taps can…

Cave Paintings, Wabi-Sabi, and Plugins

Archaeo-acoustics, DSP Philosophy

The other night, the wife and I saw Werner Herzog’s latest film, “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”: The movie was a 3D documentary about the paintings found in Chauvet Cave. These paintings are believed to date from up to…

Shimmer: Modulation, auto-correlation, and decorrelation

DSP Philosophy, Pitch Shifting, reverb, theory

In my previous post, I discussed the Eno/Lanois shimmer sound, and how it is based around a pitch shifter and a digital reverb placed in a global feedback loop. It is worth exploring what is going on in…

Modulation in reverbs: reality and unreality

DSP Philosophy, theory

The use of modulation in digital reverbs dates back to the first commercial digital reverberators. The EMT250 used an enormous amount of modulation, to the point where it sounded like a chorus unit. Lexicon’s 224 reverberator incorporated what…