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Category - Good Music

ValhallaRoom Updated to 1.0.8. Resizable GUI, new reverb modes

Good Music, Plugins, reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom

We’ve been working hard here at Valhalla DSP towers [i.e. I’ve been working hard typing in code on my laptop while sitting at the dining room table]. One of the fruits of this labor: ValhallaRoom has been updated…

ValhallaRoom: Dark Chamber / Dark Space Sound examples

Good Music, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom

A couple of great sounding examples of the new reverb modes in ValhallaRoom, Dark Chamber and Dark Space, have been posted on SoundCloud. The first is from Elan Hickler, and goes from a distorted explosion noise storm to…

Death Cab for Cutie on VH1 tomorrow night. Special Appearance by ValhallaRoom.

Good Music, reverb, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom

Don Gunn just sent me a link to one of his latest projects – mixing a live performance by Death Cab for Cutie that will be shown on VH1’s Storytellers this Friday at 9pm. A few links (which…

ValhallaShimmer used in cool PSA

Good Music, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

Brian Trifon, one of the users of ValhallaShimmer, sent me a link to a PSA that uses Shimmer as part of the soundtrack: The PSA is for the Mauli Ola Foundation, which exists to introduce surfing as a…

Minimalist Friday

Good Music

I’m in hardcore coding and GUI mode right now, working on finishing up my next plugin. So I haven’t had time to write my usual riveting blog posts about how the Central Limit Theorem relates to backward reverbs…

Devo on Fridays

Good Music

When I was a kid, there was an ABC show called “Fridays.” It was like Saturday Night Live, except not very funny. Anyway, apparently they had some pretty amazing musical performances on the show. At least by Devo.…

All Hail Harmonia!!!

Good Music

I’m deep inside the plugin mines right now, working on the next Valhalla DSP release. So here’s a quick tribute to one of the bands that got me interested in this whole electronic music thing in the first…

Ambient reverb, no electronics required: The Dan Harpole Cistern at Fort Worden

Good Music, reverb

During the past few decades, a number of musicians have taken advantage of the unusual acoustics to be found at a WWII-era water cistern at Fort Worden State Park in Pt. Townsend, Washington. This cistern, now dubbed the…

Busy day today, so here’s a bunch of David Bowie and Iggy Pop videos

Good Music

I’m preparing a really cool blog post in the archaeo-acoustics vein, but I’m running out of time in the day. So, here’s a bunch of David Bowie and Iggy Pop videos from the 1976 to 1979 time frame…

Eno/Lanois Shimmer effect: Early examples

Good Music, Pitch Shifting, theory

The collaboration of U2 with Brian Eno and David Lanois was the first introduction to a wide listening audience of the reverb with swelling octave overtones that has come to be referred to as “shimmer.” However, the effect…