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Category - Pitch Shifting

Z-DSP Shimmer Cartridge

Pitch Shifting, reverb, Reverb Beards, Shimmer, ValhallaShimmer, Z-DSP

I am happy to announce that the Z-DSP Shimmer cartridge has been released. The Z-DSP Shimmer cartridge has 8 original algorithms, designed to combine lush reverberation with multiple voices of pitch shifting, to create ethereal pads, rich chordal textures,…

What is UberMod?

DSP Philosophy, Multitap, Pitch Shifting, Plugins, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod, at its heart, is a stereo modulated multitap delay line. The signal is written into parallel delay lines (1 for left, 1 for right), and is read out by one or more delay taps. The taps can…

ValhallaUberMod: The MOD Parameters

Chorus, Pitch Shifting, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod allows the user to dial in different chorus, ensemble, and glitch shifting modulations through the use of the MOD controls. By clicking on the MOD button at the upper right of the GUI, the 5 modulation parameters…

Some more ValhallaShimmer examples

Pitch Shifting, reverb, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

A few people have posted examples of ValhallaShimmer in action on Soundcloud. The first example, by Paul Mimlitsch, uses a greatbass recorder through Shimmer, set to a long reverb with no pitch shifting: The next example, from Simon…

Giving the gift of ValhallaShimmer this holiday season

Pitch Shifting, reverb, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

I’ve had a few requests, asking how to buy ValhallaShimmer for a friend, loved one, etc. It’s really easy: Click on the PayPal button on the ValhallaShimmer page. Click the “Add special instructions to the seller” button, and…

ValhallaShimmer Tips and Tricks: Shimmering

Pitch Shifting, Plugins, reverb, theory, Tips and Tricks, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

ValhallaShimmer was designed to get a variety of big reverb sounds, with the option of adding pitch shifted feedback to the decay. The “Shimmer” in the title refers to the classic shimmer effect, as used by U2, Brian…

ValhallaShimmer: The Controls

Pitch Shifting, reverb, Tips and Tricks, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

At it’s heart, ValhallaShimmer consists of what I call “diffuse delay lines.” These are actually networks of diffusors, that act like a single delay line when the Diffusion control is turned down to zero, and generate clusters of…

ValhallaShimmer: a bit of history

Pitch Shifting, reverb, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

ValhallaShimmer has its roots in the earliest digital reverberation algorithms, as described by Mannfred Schroeder in 1961. Schroeder, in his earliest AES paper on the subject, described a “colorless” reverberator, based upon cascaded diffusor (allpass) delays. At the…

ValhallaShimmer released for Windows RTAS

Pitch Shifting, Plugins, reverb, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

I just released the Windows RTAS version of ValhallaShimmer. Set your browsers to and check it out. Demo versions available at that link. To sum up (as there has been several updates in the last few days):…

ValhallaShimmer updated to version 1.0.2. 64 bit AU, 64 bit Win VST available.

Pitch Shifting, reverb, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaShimmer

I’ve just updated ValhallaShimmer to version 1.0.2. The new features: 64 bit Audio Unit (in addition to the 32 bit AU) 64 bit Windows Vista/7 VST (in addition to the 32 bit VST) Improved saving/recall for OSX DAWs…