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Category - reverb design

ValhallaPlate, Diffusion, and Presets

Diffusion, DSP Philosophy, Plates, reverb, Reverb Beards, reverb design, Reverbskägg

One of the goals for ValhallaPlate was to have a minimal user interface. The goal was to have as many controls as necessary to sculpt beautiful plate reverberation, but no more. Any parameters that were deemed superfluous, or…

ValhallaPlate: The Reverb Modes

Plates, reverb, reverb design, ValhallaPlate

The primary goal when creating ValhallaPlate was to create an accurate model of a plate reverb. I wanted something that sounded and behaved like a cold rolled steel plate. This meant analyzing and listening to every plate example…

ValhallaPlate: The Controls

GUI, Plates, reverb design, ValhallaPlate

ValhallaPlate was designed from the outset to be easy to use, and to sound good with basically any parameter settings. This is a natural consequence of being inspired by plate reverbs. An EMT140 usually had between 1 and 2…

The Physics and Psychophysics of Plates

Plates, Reverb Beards, reverb design, Reverbskägg

Plate reverberators were introduced in 1957 with the EMT140. This was touted as a compact alternative to a reverberation chamber. This is true, as long as you consider a 400 pound twin mattress-sized box to be “compact.” By…

Introducing Valhalla Plate

Plugins, reverb, Reverb Beards, reverb design

I am happy to announce the latest plugin in the ValhallaDSP lineup, ValhallaPlate. Plate reverbs have been an obsession of mine for a long time. As a reverb developer, the physics of plates are fascinating. The physical structure…

Slides from my AES Reverb presentation

reverb, Reverb Beards, reverb design

I was invited by the Seattle chapter of the Audio Engineering Society to speak about reverbs and reverb design. I threw together some slides: AES2015ReverbPresentation Pretty skeletal deck, but it was (hopefully) more entertaining when presented in person.…