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Category - theory

Building complex reverbs using ValhallaÜberMod

reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, theory, Tips and Tricks, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaShimmer, ValhallaÜberMod

The original ValhallaÜberMod concept had a fairly sparse Diffusion section, which was intended to smooth out feedback echos and add some density to chorus patches. Somewhere during the development process, the diffusion block was expanded into a much…

What is UberMod?

DSP Philosophy, Multitap, Pitch Shifting, Plugins, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod, at its heart, is a stereo modulated multitap delay line. The signal is written into parallel delay lines (1 for left, 1 for right), and is read out by one or more delay taps. The taps can…

ValhallaUberMod: The WARP Parameters

Manual, theory, ValhallaÜberMod

When I was working on ValhallaÜberMod, one of the goals was to come up with a list of parameters that could be placed into logical categories. Most of the parameters fell into line – all the modulation parameters…

ValhallaUberMod: The DRIVE Parameters

Manual, theory, ValhallaÜberMod

The original idea behind ValhallaÜberMod was to create a powerful chorus/multitap delay plugin, that stayed “pristine” at all feedback settings. Fortunately, my early beta testers convinced me that I needed to put some filth into ÜberMod, and so…

ValhallaUberMod: The EQ Parameters

theory, ValhallaÜberMod

The EQ section in ValhallaÜberMod has a few straightforward parameters, as well as a few that require deeper explanation. By adjusting the parameters, the user can create bright, clean echos, as well as dark, tape-esque decays. The EQ…

ValhallaUberMod: The DIFF Parameters

Diffusion, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

The initial concept behind ValhallaÜberMod was to create a chorus algorithm that took the “balanced” modulation of the Roland Dimension units, and combined this with the multitap complexity of the choruses found in high end rackmount units, such…

ValhallaUberMod: The TAPS Parameters

Chorus, Multitap, Plugins, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod, at its heart, is a multitap delay. The TAPS section of the ÜberMod interface is used to control the delays and amplitudes of the taps. Instead of providing individual delay/gain controls for each tap, a few high…

ValhallaUberMod: The MOD Parameters

Chorus, Pitch Shifting, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

ValhallaÜberMod allows the user to dial in different chorus, ensemble, and glitch shifting modulations through the use of the MOD controls. By clicking on the MOD button at the upper right of the GUI, the 5 modulation parameters…

ValhallaUberMod: The Modes

Chorus, reverb, theory, Valhalla DSP, ValhallaÜberMod

In keeping with the tradition set by ValhallaShimmer and ValhallaRoom, there are several different “modes” in ValhallaÜberMod. These modes are selected by clicking on the name of the currently active mode, to the right of the “MODE:” text.…

Algorithmic Reverbs, Distortion, and Noise

reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg, theory, ValhallaRoom, ValhallaShimmer

Over on Gearslutz, AstralPStudios asked an interesting question: When it comes to reverb, is there close relation to distortion in some ways? I guess when I’m listening to big verbs with high decay times it makes me wonder…