It’s hard to do creative work without entering a stage of limbo.

We’re talking about that transitional space between an idea and its realized state, where you can (and often do) encounter every feeling, every mental state imaginable. Uncertainty. Pensiveness. Procrastination. Confusion. Excitement. Obsessiveness. Satisfaction.

Liminal spaces—those in-between places you can’t turn back from but don’t know how to navigate through—are where the true magic of creativity lies. They can be scary, and they can feel unproductive, but without finding your way through them, the end result would be far less…creative.

This month, it’s only natural that, instead of trying to get through that transitional space, we’ll stay there a while. August is a sort of liminal space in and of itself—it’s the in-between between the blur of summer and the focus of fall—and it begs us for reflection.

Join us for a month of exploring the uncertain in-between of liminal space.

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