We like tools here at Valhalla. You could say we’re obsessed with them. So it’s only natural to start our creative practice experiment by diving into them.

The creative space is a mysterious one, but we can always enter it through our physical or digital tools: picking up a pen or a brush, sitting down at a computer, strumming a chord on a guitar. Inspiration comes and goes, technique is learned over time, but our tools are always there for us, always available, always tangible.

Tools are the pathway to our creative technique and inspiration. They let us experience our creativity in a tactile way. They serve as an extension of our creative consciousness and—if we know how to use them—give us the ability to bring our ideas to life.

Over the next month, we’re going to focus on our music-making tools, contemplate how we work with them, and get clear about what they do—for ourselves and for our art. Get ready to think about your ideal creative setup and take steps to turn it into a reality. We’re making space and getting our tools ready for the creative practice to come.

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