Exploring the Creative Space

Our thoughts can be our best creative tool, or biggest roadblock.

When it comes to being creative, our minds have a way of getting in the way of themselves—focusing too much on the goal rather than enjoying the journey. But when we can relax and let our minds break free—from parameters, from fear, from logic, from goals— creativity can start to flow.

We’ve spent the last several months examining and investigating how to break the creative practice down into approachable segments—tools, techniques, and inspiration. We have a foundation of building blocks to help us establish consistency in our creative work. Now, it’s time to explore the creative space we’re building for ourselves.

This month is all about exploration: getting our internal roadblocks out of the way and letting creative curiosity drive. We’ll still talk about tools, techniques, and inspiration, but in an organic way—an exploratory way. We’ll experiment with tools and instruments outside of their intended uses, explore inspirational places and spaces of artists we admire, and discover what happens when we start to let go.

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