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  • How do I download the plugins and authorize them with the keyfile?

    • When you purchase a Valhalla plugin, the email you receive after the purchase includes a link to download the installer. Should you ever need to download it again, the installer files are in your User Account on the Valhalla site:

    • Also in your User Account is the License keyfile (see the above image); this is used to authorize the plugin within your DAW. You need to SAVE this file to your computer; when you click the keyfile link to download it, your browser will save the .zip file that contains the keyfile. Once this is downloaded to your computer, double-click the .zip file to extract the keyfile. DO NOT try to open the extracted keyfile with any application, DO NOT double-click it expecting it to find an appropriate application with which to open it.
    • Unzip the installer and run the Installer file for your plugin.
    1. On macOS, the plugins will automatically install into the system VST, Audio Units and AAX folders
    2. On Windows, you can choose whether to install 32-bit or 64-bit .dll files (or both) – pay attention to the VST installation directory as it may be different than the one your DAW is set to reference in its preferences.
    • Now that you have installed your plugin, open your DAW and insert an instance of the plugin on a track; once you do this, you will see a message about finding your license to authorize the plugin:

    • Navigate to the keyfile you have downloaded, select it and open it from the dialog box:

    • Your plugin will now be authorized!


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