FAQ / Installation

  • I just bought a Valhalla DSP plugin. What happens next?

      • 1. Grab the .vkeyfile keyfile and download links from your account (i.e. click the My Account label in the upper right of this window).
      • 2. Save the .vkeyfile keyfile to your desktop. DON’T OPEN THIS. You’ll be using this in a future step.
      • 3. Click on the installer link (that works for your OS) in the email, and download the installer to your computer.
      • 4. Double click the .zip of the installer (to unzip it).
      • 5. Run the installer program.
      • 5a. WINDOWS ONLY: When running the installer, choose the formats (32/64-bits, VST/RTAS/AAX) that work with your OS and DAWs. Pro Tools will require RTAS (up through PT10) or AAX (PT11/12); all other DAWs use VST.
      • 5b. OS 10.13 / HIGH SIERRA ONLY: Reboot your computer after running the installer. For some reason, 10.13 often requires a reboot in order to recognize new Audio Units.
      • 6. Open your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, i.e. the program that you record with and that hosts the plugins. Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Logic, etc.)
      • 7. Go to the list of available plugins in your DAW, select your new Valhalla DSP plugin, and put it on a channel in your DAW.
      • 8. An alert window will pop up, asking you to browse to the .vkeyfile keyfile. Do this and click “OK.”

    After this, your plugin should be registered!

    I still need help …

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