FAQ / Purchasing

Other FAQs in Purchasing

  • Do I have to purchase the AAX/VST2/VST3AU version separately from the other plugin versions?

    No. When you purchase a Valhalla DSP plugin, you can download and install the AAX, VST2, VST3, and AU versions, for both OSX and Windows. One purchase covers all of the DAWs that you own and personally use.

  • Can I purchase the plugins as a gift?

    Sure! You can purchase a plugin under your own name, and then transfer the plugin to another Valhalla DSP account, for a $5 charge. You will need to have the intended recipient of the Valhalla plugin create their own Valhalla DSP account before transferring the plugin to them.  You have to complete the “purchase process” in order for the transfer to go through, but there will be no charge for the initial transfer of the plugin. We are currently testing our gift certificates, so these should be ready in time for the holidays!

  • Can I transfer my license to someone else? If so, how do I do this?

    You can transfer your license to another person, directly from your user account. In order to do so, both of you need to have user accounts set up at Valhalla DSP. We have recently changed our transfer policy, and there is now a $5 fee for transferring a plugin for the first time. There is a $10 fee for selling a license that was purchased used (2nd hand) from another user.

  • Does Valhalla DSP sell plugins through resellers?

    No. Valhalla DSP only sells plugins through the Valhalla DSP website. Any sales that don’t involve making a Valhalla DSP account for getting the license are unauthorized sales. We will not provide customer support to plugins purchased through unauthorized 3rd parties.

  • There's a company selling Valhalla plugins on eBay - are they legit?

    NO. We’ve come across a few people selling Valhalla plugins on eBay, and they have all been unauthorized copies of the Valhalla plugins so far. Any authorized sale will require the purchaser to create a Valhalla DSP user account. We will not provide customer support to plugins purchased through eBay, and strongly encourage people to view any and all eBay Valhalla plugin sales as suspect.