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Tag - Eventide

The Reverb Beard

DSP Heros, reverb, Reverb Beards, Reverbskägg

Something that I find rather curious, is that many of the reverb pioneers sported some seriously impressive beards. Christopher Moore has posted a few beard-heavy pictures on his website ( Here’s my favorite: From left to right, you…

Pitch Shifting: The H949, and “de-glitching”

Pitch Shifting, theory

In 1977, Eventide released the H949 Harmonizer: The H949 built upon the harmonizing features of the H910, and added more memory (for longer delays), randomized delay, reversed delays, flanging, and a micropitch mode for small pitch shift intervals.…

Early pitch shifting: The Eventide H910 Harmonizer

Good Music, Pitch Shifting, theory

In 1975, Eventide came out with their first Harmonizer, the H910: Designed by Anthony Agnello (later of Princeton Digital), this was a digital variant of the rotary tape head pitch shifters that I discussed earlier. Like the Lexicon…

The first digital pitch shifter: Lexicon Varispeech

Pitch Shifting, theory

When I was planning my “editorial calendar” for the next few weeks, I had planned on discussing the Eventide H910 Harmonizer as the “first digital pitch shifter.” I even described the H910 as such in an earlier blog…