Flashback Caruso

Every time I hear this song, I flash back to 1996, and hanging out with some of my best friends in Portland. This was in my analog days, although it was on one of these Portland visits that I bought “The Computer Music Tutorial” by Curtis Roads, which started me back on the DSP path.

I didn’t know the name of this song until a few weeks ago. It is off of the “Faust Tapes” album, which was one long track on the CD that I have. I think that I got “Krautrocksampler” around this time, and was following up most of the leads from that book.

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  • Peter Drake

    Must have been at Powell’s Technical Bookstore on NW Park, which was an amazing resource for DSP information back then. While it’s easier to find such things on the internet, and this very blog, it’s not the same as finding/discovering some dusty old reference book or creased academic journal on a shelf.

    • Sean Costello

      That was the place! I still have a Fup T-Shirt from Powell’s Technical Books (Fup was the beloved bookstore cat): https://www.powells.com/post/book-news/a-tribute-to-fup-store-cat

      I LIVED in that bookstore for several years. Great selection of new computer music books (back before online sources like DAFX started to dominate), as well as older books that were relevant to the topic. I bought plenty of “classic” texts there, like Rabiner & Gold and the first Oppenheim & Schaffer, as well as some bound service manuals for Moog and ARP.

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