ValhallaShimmer: The Manual!

Scott Wilson, one of the ValhallaShimmer users, put together some of my blog postings as a very nice PDF and sent it to me.  This serves as a fairly complete manual for the product, so here it is:

ValhallaShimmer Notes

Thanks, Scott!

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  • Hi,

    as a Room owner (too) I like the preset system we have there, how easy it is to save own presets, to browse them and so on. Is there a chance that we’ll get this system for the Shimmer (if I am not behind the times, it should be 1.02 for the people who bought it) too? That would be much appreciated….and the similarity between those two guis would certainly (cough) raise the sales-rates even more :-)))



    • At some point, I want to put the preset system from Room (and the upcoming ÜberMod, and all future Valhalla DSP plugins) into ValhallaShimmer. It is just a matter of finding the time to do so, as it would take a not insignificant amount of work. I might convert the GUI to a resizable one, but I may not, as I haven’t received many complaints about the Shimmer GUI size.

      In general, ValhallaShimmer seemed to get closer to some sort of “platonic ideal” than ValhallaRoom. I really like ValhallaRoom at this point, but this is after I put in the resizable GUI and “Dark” algorithms. Meanwhile, I can’t think of any algorithms to add to Shimmer, that would improve upon it. This isn’t to say that ValhallaShimmer is the best plugin, or that it is perfect, so much as that ValhallaShimmer seems to be pretty good at what it was designed to do, and doesn’t need a bunch of additions, other than the VRoom preset code at some point. The (relative) simplicity of Shimmer is a good thing.

  • MS

    I’m with Georg here. Shimmer would really benefit from a preset system similar to VRoom.


  • I quite agree (and even the most simple of lullabies, with added shimmer, sent my beloved girlfriend to sleep after only 3 minutes – like she wished after many sleepless nights^^) – the shimmer is superb for what it is, and I would not need any improvement for it concerning the sound. Guess it will sell for a long time – people just have to see the strength of it. There are countless possibilities for using it, so it is not really a simple plugin – but you already wrote about that. Cheers! Maybe sometimes in the future after ÜberMod will be released you’ll find a bit of time, in the meantime it’s no show stopper at all.


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