ValhallaRoom Updated to Version 1.0.7. New reverb modes: Dark Chamber and Dark Space

ValhallaRoom has been updated to version 1.0.7. Changes since 1.0.6:

  • Fixed a GUI bug in older versions of Pro Tools (7.3/7.4).
  • Improved interpolation quality for PPC versions of ValhallaRoom
  • Improved “short names” in Pro Tools insert/send windows. The shortened name now shows up as “VRoom” instead of “Valh.”
  • Two new reverb modes: Dark Chamber and Dark Space.

A bit about the new reverb modes:

  • As the names suggest, they are dark. All frequencies above 1/4 the sampling rate are completely attenuated.
  • The modulated delays are cleaner than the deliberately dirty delay modulation used in Dark Room.
  • The modulation in both modes is more balanced than the modulation used in Dark Room, resulting in less random pitch shifts and more of a “detuned” decay.
  • Dark Chamber has a fairly even initial echo density. In this way, it is similar to the Large Chamber reverb mode, but with deeper modulation and a much bigger size.
  • Dark Space has a lower initial echo density, and can have a bit of a delay of the onset of reverberation with high settings of Late Size. This also results in a wide stereo image.

The links to the new ValhallaRoom version have been sent out to all VRoom customers, and new demo links have been posted to the ValhallaRoom page.

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  • Randy

    I avidly follow your posts on Gearslutz forum, and recently someone posted a clip comparing the Bricasti unit with Vroom.

    Now obviously, even if someone tried hard to match them I understand that it is unfair to compare the two, having an incredible difference in price range, one is $4000, the other is $50.

    Afterwards you explained that ValhallaRoom takes 7% of a core while Bricasti would take maybe two cores or 200% if I am following correctly.

    My question is if someone were to split a band into many frequencies (maybe even using sophisticated stereo panning or M/S processing on the different frequencies) even 20-30 splits and apply Vroom to those 20-30 times, (even if having to individually freeze 4-5 instances at a time) would it be possible to match Bricasti’s depth and power (even at the cost of time and inconvenience by having to process a few tracks at a time).

    Please give me a straight answer without trying to be humble,since from the looks of things Vroom has already matched and maybe surpassed Lexicon and other high end hardware processors.

    I am asking you on your private blog because i did not want to put you on the spot asking you on the Gearslutz forum to avoid making any other company/developer uncomfortable.

    If such a thing is possible could you shed some light on what sort of parameters I would emphasize/change for the different bands and multiple instances of Vroom.

    If I had my vote I would suggest you make some sort of analog filterfreak type plug in ….I am hoping the upcoming Ubermod will be able to do cool delays and if not then I suggest a cool delay plug in.

    thank you for you efforts.


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