ValhallaRoom has been updated to version 1.1.0.

The latest changes:

  • New reverb mode: LV-426.
    • In keeping with the Nostromo/Narcissus/Sulaco tradition, this is a deep dark space verb. It is kind of a cross between Nostromo and Narcissus, but with a far higher earlier echo density than either of those reverb. LV-426 has a slower attack than the other reverb modes, and a lush, diffuse random modulation that produces beautiful long decays.
    • The LATE LowMult/Xover and LATE HighMult/Xover filters have been moved to a location where they act as tone controls.
    • Values of LowMult less than 1.0 allow you to dial in reverbs with less low frequency energy.
    • The LowXover control can be used to adjust the crossover freq of the low cut/boost.
  • 64-bit VST for OSX. ValhallaRoom is now fully 32 and 64-bit compatible for both Windows and OSX.
  • Optimized CPU for Windows RTAS and VST32
  • Fixed mono->stereo bypass bug in RTAS
  • Window resizing bug fixed in Digital Performer

Update links have been sent to all ValhallaRoom customers, and new demo versions are available for testing at the ValhallaRoom page.