Introducing ValhallaDelay

After 3 years of work, it’s finally here: ValhallaDelay.

ValhallaDelay GUI

ValhallaDelay is a comprehensive delay plugin, for AU/VST/AAX on OSX and Windows. ValhallaDelay has been designed from the ground up to emulate classic tape, BBD, digital and pitch delays, while expanding their sonic capabilities.

ValhallaDelay has seven unique delay Modes (Tape, HiFi, BBD, Digital, Ghost, Pitch, RevPitch) and five delay Styles (Single, Dual, Ratio, PingPong, Quad). By combining the Modes and Styles, you can get classic multi-head tape echoes, dark bucket brigade delays, old-school digital delays, pitch doublers, reverse delays, screaming feedback, subtle choruses…the list can go on and on.

We spent a ton of time modeling vintage hardware delays, but we didn’t stop there.

  • ValhallaDelay adds a comprehensive Diffusion section, so any delay Mode can be transformed into a smeared delay, or a massive reverb.
  • The Age and Era controls are used to dial in the right amount of mojo, so you can have bright, sparkly delays or crusty old noisy echoes.
  • The Drive control is a quick way of dialing in subtle warmth, crunchy repeats, or screeching feedback echoes.
  • The delay range has been extended from <1 msec all the way to 20 seconds, so ValhallaDelay can get short flanging sounds all the way to massive looping delays.

A lot of thought went into the ValhallaDelay controls. The GUI has all the controls you need for a versatile delay, while leaving out unneeded controls, so that the interface is quick and easy to use. All controls are on a single screen – no hidden tabs or menus. The goal is to create a tool that you can learn quickly, so that you can get the sounds you want and get your work done!

We have lived and breathed delay algorithms for a long time now, and we are excited to finally release ValhallaDelay into the wild. Thanks for checking it out!


Comments (7)

  • alex.abajian

    Are you F’ing kidding me??!!

    Sean, ridiculous…I’m speechless.

    Have a 24 Pack on me.


  • boele.gerkes


  • BitMapSounds

    This one was definitely worth the wait !
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Sam

    Just a heads up for Windows users of the 64-bit version on older CPUs: The 64-bit Valhalla Delay (both the VST2 and the VST3) does not open on older CPUs, such as the Intel Cherry Trail Atom processors. The workaround is to use the 32-bit DLL instead, which does open on older CPUs (or to use a newer computer; Valhalla Delay opens fine on my i7-7600U).

  • ShanesPlanet

    Hooray! You had my verb needs covered, but i was having to muck about in others for crap delay. Now this is in my toolbox! Thank you so much for this, I had no idea it was in the works. Val for almost all my itb verb and delay needs. I love the small footprints, easy interfaces and great sound. I didnt even need to demo the delay before purchase, and yes it sounds marvelous. My hat off to you sir! And bless you for not requiring my music laptop to be online or have the nic enabled! I don’t rent and dont go thru hoops for what I use. I am proud to own and use yours!

  • Michael Taylor

    Hi, is there is a freeze button/function?

    • Sean Costello

      Nope. ValhallaDelay, at its heart, is based on analog-style feedback around delay lines. Even the digital models simulate having the feedback go through analog filters and soft clipping/compression. This is a different mechanism than many digital delays with freeze functions, where the contents of the buffer are frozen.

      Setting the feedback of the Clarity model to 100% will get an effect very similar to the freeze function in older digital delays like the PCM-42, in that the signal will circulate forever without changing that much. But this same “freeze” functionality (i.e. 100% feedback) would work very differently in the tape & BBD models. This is why we don’t have a freeze button in there.

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