Valhalla VintageVerb Updated to 2.2.0: Cathedral Mode!

We are happy to announce the release of the Valhalla VintageVerb™ 2.2.0 update. The biggest update to VintageVerb? The new reverb mode, Cathedral!

Valhalla Vintage Verb: Cathedral Mode

Valhalla Vintage Verb Cathedral Mode GUI

Inspired by the FV-1

The Cathedral mode is based on an algorithm I developed for the Spin Semiconductor FV-1 in 2014. The FV-1 is a fun little DSP, but it is severely limited in delay memory, and is optimized to work with specific reverb architectures. Cathedral was my favorite algorithm I developed for that chip, with a big diffuse sound and ensemble style modulation.

Bringing Cathedral into VintageVerb meant I could use a lot more delay memory, for a bigger more expansive attack and decay, as well as a more open and transparent sound. The original FV-1 algorithm corresponds to a Size setting of 50%, while sizes greater than 50% will get closer to a real-world cathedral. The VintageVerb version of Cathedral also has a much more comprehensive Damping section, which allows for high frequencies to smoothly decay away as found in large acoustic spaces. We’ve retained the ensemble modulation, with the Rate and Depth controls allowing the user to dial in the perfect amount of lush chorusing.

Best for Huge Synth Verbs, Vocals and Acoustic Instruments

The Cathedral algorithm is perfect for huge synth verbs, but is also well suited for vocals and acoustic instruments. Set the Size to a lower value, and Cathedral can create some convincing drum rooms. In this example, I’m using Cathedral on synth for a big reverb, as well as a shorter drum reverb:

We’ve also modified the information text in the upper right corner of the plugin, so that the user can tell at a glance the version number, the type of plugin running in the DAW (VST/VST3/AAX/AU), and Intel versus ARM when running on a Mac.

Cathedral Mode is FREE for Vintage Verb Owners!

If you already own VintageVerb, the update is in your user account, so log in and grab the latest installer. If you don’t own VintageVerb, feel free to grab the demo from our new Demo and Downloads page, and check out Cathedral and the other 18 reverb algorithms that are unique to VintageVerb. We hope you enjoy the VintageVerb update, and thanks for your support!

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  • Iulian.I

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my hearth for releasing new updates, adding new features to your plugins even after so much time. It’s not that long ago I got some of your plugins and I use them on ALL my projects since then. Really makes me wanna get more of your plugins, just as a thank you (looking on what should I get next).

    I really appreciate it!

  • mau

    you’re my hero

  • Harri

    All these awesome free updates make me feel better about the world. Thank you!

  • Guney Aksoy

    well said! This industry needs more companies like you. thank you for being so awesome!

  • a

    Strongly agree. Valhalla is the best.

  • SCD

    Thank you SO much for having these awesome quality reverbs available at a price that most of us can afford. And you still updating and adding new modes without charging is very gracious.

  • tomw


    big respect!

    many thanx!

    best wishes!

  • Amazing 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 love Valhalla for this, thank you

  • Deklanmedia

    Now, this is a way to build brand ambassadors. Release a killer product and then not nickel and dime your patrons for every update. Well done team, you can tell that you are proud of your work—as you should be. Cheers!

  • Jamie

    Hugely appreciate the update and the heads up
    all your plugins are excellent and the reverbs have their place high up in the world of Lexicons, Bricastis and Eventides
    many many thanks

  • Jacob

    Always nice when a brand doesn’t forget about their clients

    and Valhalla has built a name for caring for their customers
    by making all year round reasonably priced plugins
    and they don’t focus so much on shady marketing
    (like other brands that I’ll not say the name)
    But they let their produces speak for themself

  • Don

    I always loved the VintageVerb (the first reverb plugin I had 🙂 and used it on almost every mix of mine!
    Big thanks to you for the new update!

    We need more companies like VALHALLA who care about their customers.
    You guys are awesome!
    Best wishes!

  • joerg.mayr

    thank you!!!!!

  • propeler

    That’s great. You’re the best! Thank you very much!!!

  • blrandel

    What joy to see this new release, and hear your demo. Thank you for making, and continuing to improve these wonderful creative tools.

  • Pooks

    Valhalla for life !!!!!

  • martyn.owen

    You guys are the superstars of reverb. I’ve loved Valhalla since day 1 😀

  • djtheprophet

    Wow! Really awesome that you guys keep on updating your plugs!
    That’s what we, the frequent users, want and need!
    Full support! 🙏🏻

  • Bob Ellis

    If only all plugin companies behaved this way. Thank you

  • OlegKing

    Oh, yes! That’s a terrific update

  • Torgul

    Thanks 🙂

  • Jef Verbeeck

    Thanks so much! I use VintageVerb (and Plate) on ALL my productions since I got it.

  • All 4 of my radio singles mixed with Valhalla Vintage Verb landed in the US Smooth Jazz charts, my latest Single “Smile” is aired in SiriusXM/watercolors.

    Couldn’t mix without Valhalla anymore, it’s over all my tracks, thank you!!!

    Lars Taylor

  • Roy MacNeil

    The day before this dropped I made a send called “CATHEDRAL” with Valhalla Room. It sounds amazing, but now I feel like I gotta try it with this new sound. So excited to try it out! This plugins have to be the best bang for buck ever.

  • Seppo

    Finally my Buchla in St Pauls ! Thank You !

  • duncan.van haarlem

    Wow, such a dedication!
    Many kudos and thanks to the Valhalla team for such a wonderful update.
    I already loved the plugin without the Cathedral Mode 😊
    Even more now!

  • Jason

    Phenomenal work, much appreciated. I am also freshly in love with Supermassive. Much gratitude, and all the best. —Jason

  • TakaRat

    You guys are legends! I love your plug ins, service and affordable prices. Keep up the good work! – Alex


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