Getting outside is good for the soul.

A theme (or maybe the theme) of the past year centered around looking inward—into ourselves, our lives, our homes, our communities. And while all that self-reflection has been beneficial, it’s finally time to exhale and reemerge from our respective condensed realities with refreshed curiosity for the outside world.

Creativity thrives outside, so this month, our focus is simple: Go outside—because something special happens when you step out of the comfort of home. Inspiration seems to strike a bit more often. Stress mysteriously disappears. Thoughts and ideas connect in new ways. Feelings feel different.

This month, we’re going to observe and interact with different ecosystems, refamiliarize ourselves with the creativity of nature, and exist in new, less confined spaces. Throughout the month, we’ll share prompts both simple and challenging and work through them together. We’ll ask artists we admire about their own creative journeys, take our creative endeavors outside, and interact with the world in ways we haven’t been able to for a while.

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