Summer is erratic, unstructured energy… But come September, we buckle down to business.

Alarms. Lists. Work blocks. Due dates. Structure.

These are the words of September.

This month the dust (from campsites, cookouts, hikes in the woods, afternoons on the beach) begins to settle. The lazy days of summer shift into a stricter division between work and play, with emphasis on the work.  We reassume the role of administrators of our lives and return to the rhythm of the production line.

Returning to the structure of September can feel unnatural and uncomfortable, like trying to squeeze into a pair of pants a size too small. It feels like forcing yourself to focus on something you’ve been putting off for a while, or putting more energy into getting something done than the process of doing it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if structure is the antithesis of creativity or its necessary counterpart.

This month, as we morph from erratic, expansive creativity to structured productivity, we’ll observe what’s sticky and what’s smooth throughout the transition. Readjust with us—tune in each week for growing pains and revelations along the way.

Join us on the ride.

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