I have been trying to track down good sonic examples of a modulated reverb in action. Here’s a few that come to mind:

Vangelis, “Creation du Monde,” 1973. This is an interesting example of a home-brewed modulated reverb. Vangelis used 3 Roland Space Echos in series, processing a Hammond organ and Clavinet, to get the huge spacey sounds in this track. The old Space Echos (and other tape echos) tended to have a fair amount of wow and flutter, due to imperfections in the tape, slipping and sticking of the capstan, and so on. By applying feedback in a single tape echo, the result is a modulated echo sound, where the amount of modulation increases with each passthrough of the system. Run three of these in series, and the result is a LOT of pitch modulation.

Harold Budd and Brian Eno. “First Light,” 1980. The modulation of the EMT250 can be clearly heard on this track from “The Plateaux of Mirror.”

Jeff Buckley, “Hallelujah,” 1994. Buckley’s guitar is being run through an Alesis Quadraverb, which has several really nice modulated reverb options available (and a lot of noise, at least on my Quadraverb). The vocals sound like a modulated reverb, but I am unsure of which unit – a high end Lexicon seems likely.

I know that there are a lot more, but I am kind of forgetful today. Any suggestions welcome.