ValhallaFreqEcho updated: new controls, VST+AU

I just posted some updates to ValhallaFreqEcho, my free frequency shifter + analog echo plugin. You can download the plugin here. The new stuff:

  • New parameters: Low Cut and High Cut. These control the gain of shelving filters in the feedback path of the echo (the direct and initial echo signal are not filtered). These controls are very useful in getting different type of analog sounding echos, as well as harsher or flubbier echos, plus a variety of strange chaotic oscillations.
  • An Audio Unit version of the plugin is available, in addition to the VST plugins for Windows and OSX.

I’ll be posting some usage tips soon. I have spent a lot of time setting up runaway oscillations with the plugin, using no input (it self-oscillates like the old analog echos). Some very trance-y sounds can be coaxed out of this thing – not the dance music type of trance, but the “staring into space and drooling for awhile” type of trance.

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  • Thanks Sean. Been waiting for the AU release to get my dose of Skull melting chaos!

  • Thanks Sean! A cup of mead in your honor mate!



  • Chris

    Nice work, Sean! I love making doppler effects with high feedback in analog style echoes. Just started following the blog a few days ago. Keep up the good work!

  • Airon

    That’s a nice effect alright. Great for lots of glitchy stuff. I might try this on the next nightmare sequence on a show I’m editing.

    Hoho. It’ll be quite cool to see how far I can take this with Reapers internal channel routing, handing the plugin echos from another instance in either another track or inside the track in fact.

  • Potscrubber

    The sound of this delay is exceptionally classy. It’s now the first virtual delay I reach for (yeah I like analog delays). Went looking for a donate button on your site but couldn’t find one. Want to encourage you to continue development. Even a basic GUI would be great. At the moment the adjustment resolution samplitude gives it with no gui is pretty poor, but it hasn’t stopped me using it one bit. Love it. Thanks for your work.

  • zmix

    At first I was under the misapprehension that this was a “pitch shifter” + delay, duh… it’s a “frequency shifter” + delay… now I love it..!!!

  • haZZa

    Seems to late to ask for, but can you add a “ping-pong” feature to it? its so awesome freeware but i really miss this option


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