We all now have to use the phrase “the award winning plugin, Eos”

I just found out that Eos won a Sonic Joy Award for 2009, from the AudioNewsRoom blog. So, Eos is now “Audio Damage’s award winning plugin, Eos,” or simply “the Award Winning Eos” for short. Take note, and please use some variant of the above in all future references.

On a related note, I am now referring to myself as “The DSP Situation,” in the 3rd person. It’s all about the algorithm abs. Again, please take note of this for all future communications.

Seriously, it feels pretty nice to be involved with the design of an award-winning plugin. I hope 2010 brings more good things like this.

Comments (5)

  • Congratz! Eos is a great plugin. Hope to see and hear more of your stuff in 2010

  • Peter Ehrlich

    Congratulations…keep it up.

  • Randy

    Congratulations!! EOS is great!!!! Thank you!

  • I can’t say enough how much I like it. It’s pretty much the only reverb I ever liked. Propz !

  • EOS is an amazing reverb. Safe to say, it has a permanent place in all my mixes. Send in that echo plug gui!


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