ValhallaShimmer released for Windows RTAS

I just released the Windows RTAS version of ValhallaShimmer. Set your browsers to

and check it out. Demo versions available at that link.

To sum up (as there has been several updates in the last few days): ValhallaShimmer is now released for:

OSX Audio Unit (32-bits)
OSX Audio Unit (64-bits)

Windows VST (32-bit)
Windows VST (64-bit)
Windows RTAS

I’m going to go out and enjoy the snow with the kids for the rest of the day (it’s snowing here in Seattle, which doesn’t happen in November that much). After that, I will put up a few blog entries about ValhallaShimmer, explaining the history of it, how it works, tips and tricks, that sort of thing. I also have a few generic topics that I want to cover, although coding has taken priority over happy creative thoughts for the past several months.

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  • Klemperer

    Well, I own Eos, quite a different plugin to this one (after what you might know using the demo for one hour, that is^^). Now I rarely read more valid and highly useful tips about one of my plugins from any developer. This is just wonderful… And hey, someone enjoying the snow while I am surrounded by germans who shout “snow-chaos” at least in the hyperventilating media… and generally whine after a lot of snowless years if some snow falls…. hoorray :). I think I’ll try to rename the valhalla shimmer to “snow shimmer” and will buy it now :-)). Cheers to you, and may the plugin be highly successful.

    • Thanks for your kind words!

      Here in Seattle, the television stations always freak about the snow. If 2 inches of snow fall, it is a blizzard. I love the snow, personally. A few hours in either direction from Seattle are the snowiest places on Earth – Mount Rainier and Mount Baker trade off on the record of the most snowfall in a winter, with the total being over 1100 inches if I recall correctly. Here in the Puget Sound area, snowfall is far less frequent, but it happens on a regular enough basis that you wouldn’t think that the media would panic about it like they do.

      I view Eos and ValhallaShimmer as being quite different algorithms. Totally different architectures, totally different sonic goals. Eos was designed to cover a lot of ground, from short plate and room sounds to long ambient decays. Shimmer is focused on the long ambiences. Ideally, they would sound different, and complimentary to each other.

  • Klemperer

    Thanks for all that info^^. So I will definitely see Mount Rainier and Mount Baker some day – I spent a few winters in Bavaria nearly without snow, and even 10 days 2000m high in the austrian alps – and there wasn’t snow.

    Yes, I see Eos and Valhalla shimmer as two complementary reverbs, like you say, and am really extremely happy with all your hints and recommendations and ideas for both of them. My reverbs before were quite old (bought in 2002 and 2004), and I use eos and shimmer plus occasionally a newer convo-reverb with nice modulation possibilities now (the developer obviously wanted to avoid the too static nature of IRs), and am really happy. Something like shimmer really was missing for me before, and I tried to get sounds with maybe stupid chains of delays and reverbs that nearly killed my older laptop before ,-) to get such sounds. And never really succeeded, it was a bit like trial and error, whereas now I get what i want with just the shimmer…


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