ValhallaRoom Released for Windows (32/64-bit VST)

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  • Georg

    …and because I am sure your beta testers are great (if you need another one, just drop me a mail, i own Eos, Shimmer and Room now^^) – I ordered without demoing :).
    Look forward to try this one out. You’ll gonna be the Herr der besten Töne, the master of the reverberated spaces :-))

  • synthetic

    When will the RTAS be ready? 😉

    • I need to get back to it. For some reason, the RTAS just wasn’t building for me on Windows. Tomorrow I will revisit the compiler and see what is going on with the RTAS SDK.

  • John

    I just demo’ed ValhallaRoom and after comparing it to Live’s built in reverb I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. It felt like I was comparing an empty tuna can with a tuning fork. VRoom is definitely going on the to-buy list!


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