ValhallaDelay Update: Three New Modes and Ducking

We are happy to announce the 1.5.2 update of ValhallaDelay. Let’s jump into the new features!

3 new delay modes:

  • BBDuck: A brighter BBD model, with brightness that tracks the delay time (shorter delays are brighter, while longer delays are darker). Based on our analysis of the Ibanez AD-150 and Roland DC-10. This gets you that “rack mount” BBD sound that customers have been asking for!
  • Clarity: A clean “digital” delay, with a program dependent limiter, so you can SLAM the drive gain without getting distortion. Bandwidth determined by the Age control. Deep and wild modulation waveforms, selected by the Era control. Clarity can be nice and polite, or can get as crazy as you want!
  • DuckTape: A tape delay with built-in companding noise reduction. Similar to the existing Tape mode, but brighter, and virtually noise free. 

All of the new modes have ducking! This is a 1-knob ducking control. We did a lot of work and research to develop a ducking method that didn’t require threshold/attack/release controls. Just turn up the ducking knob, to introduce feedback and output ducking that “just works.”

The new Mac installers are notarized and stapled for Catalina as well, if you are buying a shiny new Mac and need to run Catalina.

Anyway, we are proud of the new ValhallaDelay updates! We’ve added the most requested features from our customers (a tape echo with less noise, a brighter BBD mode, and ducking), and we’ve loved using the new modes and features in our own projects. The 1.5.2 installers are in the user accounts of all ValhallaDelay owners, and we have the new 1.5.2 demos up and running. Thanks for checking this out!


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  • Bonjour je suis super content des plugins Valhalla , et j’en parle autour de moi , merci , et bien je le répète ,c’est la vérité .


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