ValhallaRoom updated to version 1.0.4

I’ve just released the 1.0.4 update of ValhallaRoom:

A brief overview of the updates:

  • Windows RTAS! ValhallaRoom is now available in all major formats for PC (VST32/VST64/RTAS) and OSX (AU/AU64/VST/RTAS).
  • Mix lock functionality. The red “MIX” label above the Mix slider is clickable. Clicking on the Mix label allows the user to lock/unlock the Mix value, so that a given mix level can be retained while browsing through presets.
  • The red triangles to the right of the current preset (“BasilicaOfSanPetronio” in the image above) allow the user to quickly scroll through presets.
  • I’ve created some new Cathedral presets, based on acoustic measurements of Italian cathedrals (and one German cathedral).

Comments (3)

  • Mix lock! Nice. 🙂

  • Klemperer

    I love plugins that add presets after measurements of Italian and german cathedrals – now people, this is one of the best reverbs ever (certainly the best every-day-reverb I have ever used, it’s simply stunning and makes you want to understand each and every feature in it to use it at its best for your personal music). Go and buy it, so maybe we’ll even get ideas for british cathedrals too (I tend to love them best, York minster, Bath, Ely, the welsh and sea-worn^^ St.David’s – the few I saw there).

    I did the poll too, but after playing with the Valhalla room I’d rather suggest you’d do, if you’d like to, even a new reverb some years or months later. Seems you are the reverb-master on this planet, and I’m usually not hooooraying and praising out into the dark^^. Valhalla Room is simply outstanding, and together with the Shimmer for more “unusual” ideas it’s a must have for me.

  • Robert Halvarsson

    Looks and sounds terrific.


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