ValhallaSupermassive 1.5.0 Update. Two New Reverb Modes!

We have just released the 1.5.0 update to our FREE reverb/delay plugin, ValhallaSupermassive:

The 1.5.0 update to Supermassive adds two new reverb modes, Orion and Cassiopeia. These are WEIRD reverb algorithms, based on some advanced extensions of Michael Gerzon’s feedback delay network theory. Both Orion and Cassiopeia can sound quite sparse at the beginning of their decay, but can quickly build in echo density with non-zero settings of the Density control. The Density control also has a lot of influence on the reverb decay, with high density settings resulting in very long decays regardless of the Feedback setting.

Cassiopeia is the “smaller” of the two algorithms. In general, you will get shorter decays and echo patterns when using Cassiopeia, compared to Orion. One of my favorite settings is to set Warp to 0%, and use Density and Feedback to get echos that have a noticeable pulse on every 4th repeat. In this piece, I’m using 2 instances of Cassiopeia, once for a reverb that starts sparse and gets denser, and another for the pulsing repetitive echo:

Orion is “twice as big” as Cassiopeia under the hood, but this results in much longer reverbs and echoes than Orion, due to some laws of reverb physics that are a mystery even to me. Set Orion to the same settings as listed above for Cassiopeia, and you can get a mysterious echo that has a noticeable pulse on every 8th repeat. Turn up the Warp and Density values, and you will get truly massive modulated reverbs that can last for upwards of several minutes. Here’s an example of a single Orion instance used to get a long modulated looping echo:

Orion and Cassiopeia are definitely not conventional reverbs. These are weird, tricky reverb & delay algorithms, and we’re offering them to you in the spirit of exploration! In order to help guide you on your curiosity voyage, we’ve created a number of presets under the LATE 2021 preset folder that showcase some of the applications of Cassiopeia and Orion.

We’ve also expanded the “info” section in the upper right corner of the Supermassive GUI. This allows you to tell at a glance what version number you are running, the plugin format (VST/VST3/AAX/AU), and whether you are running it on an Intel or ARM Mac (the Windows version just assumes Intel/AMD).

As always, ValhallaSupermassive is a FREE plugin, available for both Windows and Intel/ARM Macs. Just head on over to the Supermassive page, or go over to our new Demos & Downloads page and grab all of our free plugins, as well as demos for the commercial ones. We hope you enjoy the ValhallaSupermassive updates, and thanks for your support!

Comments (10)

  • Great, great sounds.

  • Ronan McDermott

    Thank you for the modes and presets. More fun awaits!

  • ValhallaOnDaBeat

    Awesome stuff, keep going, you are awesome

  • Creative Silence

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • dyzv0r

    I would love it if you sent an email to us when new modes are added like this. I’m signed up for the newsletter but I have to check the blog to find out about these updates.

    • Sean Costello

      A big email got sent out today. These things take time to put together, including getting all the graphics assets into the proper sizes for the MailChimp campaign, as well as sending out numerous test emails. Anyway, it looks like you already found out about the updates!

  • nidhoggr


  • The Schembari Project

    Your guys are a top notch company
    Thank you again for all you offer

  • Richard Irons

    Fantastic! Thank you. Can I simply install it over supermassive or uninstall and reinstall? Thank you

    • Sean Costello

      Just run the new installer – it will install over the top of the older plugin, so you can keep running your older sessions without any changes.

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