ValhallaRoom: Dark Chamber / Dark Space Sound examples

A couple of great sounding examples of the new reverb modes in ValhallaRoom, Dark Chamber and Dark Space, have been posted on SoundCloud. The first is from Elan Hickler, and goes from a distorted explosion noise storm to beautiful cinematic ambient, all processed with the new Dark Space mode in ValhallaRoom:

Next up, Simon Stockhausen has posted an example of his beautiful soprano sax playing (from one of his Kontakt sample libraries) through the Dark Space mode:

Finally, Simon Stockhausen processes an electronic drum beat (twisted by Turnado) through the Dark Chamber mode:

Note that Stockhausen is automating the reverb DECAY control, which creates a cool sounding “fade-in” of reverb energy when it goes from long decays to short ones.

Simon and Elan, thanks for the great examples!

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  • the sax one is really nice. they are all great..fantastic work on these algorithms!



  • yup, great demos!

  • A completely unfitting post – just didn’t know where to put it. I find your advice about the Shimmer and Room so great (add Eos-hints to that) that I find myself diy-ing sounds almost exclusively with YOUR reverbs lately (conv. reverb like Reverberate is something really in your league too).
    What I’d sometimes like, as like me many musicians are not too technically skilled, was a blog entry with tips for – say, experimental plate-sounds for guitarists, or, what do I know, “make your guitar sound suitable for Eno with the shimmer”, or “synths and valhalla room”. It might be a good addition to the preset folders we have, rooms, cathedrals, and so on. Hints to leave the users develop their own sounds…
    If time allows, of course.
    Your reverbs stay the best purchase since quite some time in fx-land.


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