A cool sounding bug from the next plugin

I’ve been working long hours on getting the next Valhalla DSP plugin out to beta testers. Today, I decided to convert some of the parameters to use percentages instead of just going from 0.0 to 1.0. Apparently I goofed up the math. Here’s what got barfed out of the plugin:

This is NOT what the plugin is supposed to sound like. This is a nasty, brutal bug. So I’m going to include it as a mode, alongside all the non-busted modes.

To quote Brian Eno:

“Honour thy error as a hidden intention.”

Another Oblique Strategies quote, that is equally appropriate:

“Work at a different speed.”

EDIT, 9 YEARS LATER: This ended up being the OverMod control in ValhallaÜberMod. I had been working with the Mod Depth control, which works in a range from 0-100%. I forgot to scale that down to the 0.0-1.0 parameter range the plugin was expecting. The results were weird enough that we moved it to a dedicated control!

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  • Sounds intriguing.

  • By all means, include it :). This might be the funniest pre-early-bugasgift-sample I ever listened to. I’m a wee bit allergic if it comes to Eno-sentences and such (as I met too many sarcastic cold cool people in Germany who spend their lives hunting styles, and quoting Warhol Eno and whoever to death) – but his description fits well. Bugs can offer new sonic possibilities…nice.

  • fran_ky

    “Faced with a choice, do both”


  • I’ve done my best effect by screwing them up 🙂

  • Chuck Zwicky

    I love it….!

  • poor nick drake, reduced to demo material. 🙂

    • I know. Drake has been my internal demo material for the last few years. I’ve heard “Pink Moon” a few thousand times. And it is still a great song. I can’t say the same about “Tom’s Diner,” which is the Industry Standard Reverb Testing Song™.

  • Dave

    Go for it. You could it “Event Horizon Mode”


    • Wow. I’ve never seen that little bit at the end before. Thanks, Dave. That really made my morning. *sips coffee, looks out window wistfully*

    • Probably a similar principle in action: ignoring the sane bounds of delay read pointers. Most of the sounds from the new plugin will be more “usable.”

  • I smell a weird delay, and my first reaction was: where can I pre-order. Being able to turn bug-induced insanity on and off is a definite plus. Insanity is good.

    • Well, no need to pre-order. I don’t think I should run out of my plugin stock anytime soon. 😉

      And I always recommend trying before you buy, to ensure that the plugin works with your system configuration/DAW/etc.

      The bug-induced insanity has been reduced to a single control, called OverMod. At 1X setting, the plugin will have normal chorus-type behavior (well, if having up to 16 Dim-D type choruses in parallel, smeared out in time, with feedback, counts as “normal”). Turn up OverMod, and the modulation depth starts getting ridiculous, to the point where things get shifted up to chipmunk range, and down to “negative” pitches – i.e. backwards. Not controllable like a pitch shifter – this is glitchy stuff.

  • Hell, Im pretty sure the universe is a mistake, or at best some kind of improvisation. Roll with it.

    • Sean Costello

      This ended up being the “OverMod” control in ValhallaÜberMod. I just updated the blog post to reflect this. Thanks for the reminder!

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