Video demo of ValhallaFreqEcho MkI in action

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  • awesome delay, I will be using this on really creative and wacky music production projects. that it’s free is oh so awesome to the max! thanks for this free music production plugin for recording studios.

  • This plus is awesome.

    I used it on my voice to create some “Karma police-ish” effect at the end of this song;

    It’s just really REALLY great.

    • Hey Stephane, nice track, what settings did you use to create the vocal effect?

    • Stéphane Mélo

      Hey Nigel, thanks for your compliment !

      As for the settings, well, as you can see, it’s been nearly two years since I’ve made this track, but here’s what I remember:
      I’ve put the plugin on an auxilliary track, put the “mix” setting all the way up and sent a bus from the vocal track to the aux track (but you figured this one out already), then, I automated the feedback and shift parameter. I think I tweaked the buttons “by hand” while recording the automation to have an “ear control” on what I was doing.
      I’m not sure wether I tweaked the other parameters as well, and maybe the feedback was all the way up too – can’t remember that one – but I guess spending not more than five minutes tweaking the plugin while listening to its effect will get you close anyway.
      The idea was getting a sort of “experimental” feel, so my (humble) advice would be: play with it till you find what sounds good to you !

      Again, thanks for taking the time to listen to my track; and thanks for your compliment ! As I’m a music lover, feel free to send me a link of your tracks !

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