ValhallaUberMod: The Preset Menu

ValhallaÜberMod has a cross-platform preset format, allowing users to use the same presets for all plugin types (RTAS/VST/AU, for both OSX and Windows). The preset format is based around XML, which allows presets to be copied and pasted into emails, forums, or any other place that can accept text.

To access the presets, simply click the name of the active preset, to the right of the PRESET: text in the lower right side of the GUI (the plugin will display “Default” when first opened):


The Preset Menu will display when the current preset name is clicked:


To select a preset, simply mouse over the given preset name, and release the mouse button. Mouse over a given preset folder name (the ones with the triangle to the right) to view and select presets within that folder.

To save a preset, simply select “Save as…” from the menu. This will allow you to name your preset, and choose the folder to save the preset to, or to create a new folder for your preset.

If you wish to copy a preset from a forum or blog post, simply select the text with your mouse (including the < and > closing tags), and copy the text (Command+C on OSX, CTRL+C on Windows). Then, select the “Paste from Clipboard” option from the preset menu.

If you want to share a preset with someone, select the “Copy To Clipboard” option, then simply paste the text (Command+V on OSX, CTRL+V on Windows) into the document/email/forum where you want the preset to be.

Special thanks to Randy Jones of Madrona Labs for developing the original text-based preset code that I ported over to ValhallaRoom and ValhallaÜberMod.

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  • This may be an ignorant question, or maybe I’m just not finding the information on my own, but can the preset section also load recorded room impulse responses?

  • orangecoals

    Hello Shaun – I’m a new comer to your fantastic plugins —great work -superb quality! – wonder if you could help? do you have any presets that perform the spacy descending pitchshift found on this Bowie’s Art Decade track (I imagine this is some kind of eventide harmonizer) the effect begins at 3 seconds but can be heard throughout the track. I’m leaning towards thinking that ubermod might be the plugin to do this, maybe I’m wrong perhaps shimmer? or even your freq delay? any help much appreciated. All the best —Steve.


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