My, how the time flies! We’ve been keeping busy here at Valhalla DSP HQ.

The big news was the release in December 2012 of the latest plugin, ValhallaVintageVerb:

ValhallaVintageVerb1970s ValhallaVintageVerb is a collection of 9 reverb algorithms, inspired by vintage hardware reverbs such as the Lexicon 224/PCM70/300/480L, as well as the EMT250. The GUI continues the “superflat” aesthetic of the earlier Valhalla plugins, with Kristin Costello (my beautiful and talented wife) adding lots of beautiful color and graphic design flourishes to the mix. The parameters have been carefully chosen to balance flexibility with ease of use.

ValhallaVintageVerb has received a great reception so far! Here’s a few reviews:

In other news, I am currently working on the AAX ports of the Valhalla DSP plugins [EDITORIAL NOTE: this is an old blog post, and the AAX ports have been done for a few years now]. The main tasks involved are updating my code to use the latest Juce code, and signing the AAX plugins with the Pace Eden copy protection. The progress is a bit slow right now, due to some issues Pace is having with their new copy protection system, so I am waiting for their issues to get resolved to get back on the ports. I’ll be sending out updated versions of the plugins to all users as the AAX ports are finished, as the VST/AudioUnit/RTAS builds will be updated at that time.