A new reverb cartridge for the Z-DSP: Halls of Valhalla

I have been working on code for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Eurorack processor for a few years now. I am pleased to finally announce my first product for the Z-DSP, a reverb cartridge called Halls of Valhalla.

The Halls of Valhalla cartridge features 8 original reverberation algorithms, designed to work with the strengths of the Z-DSP, and tailored towards electronic music.

The reverbs in the Halls of Valhalla are arranged in order of perceived size, from small to big to huge to uncomfortably enormous:

  • Room
  • Chamber
  • Plate
  • EnsembleVerb
  • Cathedral
  • Nilfheim
  • Asgard
  • Ginnungagap

Here’s a few sound examples. The first one is a simple 1-osc sawtooth sound, being sent into the EnsembleVerb algorithm. I am adjusting the Mix on the Z-DSP, and the Decay and Chorus parameters on the Halls of Valhalla program:

The next example is guitar, being fed through a B:assmaster fuzz, straight into the Z-DSP, running the Ginnungagap algorithm. The mix is set to 100% wet, and the decay is turned up somewhat.

Halls of Valhalla will be available Q1 2014. Pricing and distribution TBA.

And, yes, I know that the product name is the same name as this blog. IT’S A GOOD NAME.

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  • Murray Campbell

    My, you have been VERY BUSY haven’t you Sean !
    The SoundCloud clips sound really cool.

  • colm

    hi, any plans on a hardware release of your reverbs besides this? maybe like the Digitech istomp, one that can be used with keys or guitar. doesnt need CV or even midi, just a little box with knobs for those who dont want to use a computer. I imagine if it was priced below Strymon they would sell like hot cakes


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