Valhalla Supermassive Updated to 1.1.1

We are happy to announce the 1.1.1 update for ValhallaSupermassive!

The changes since the initial 1.0.0 release:

  • Two new reverb/delay modes: Large Magellanic Cloud and Triangulum
  • VST3 (in addition to VST2.4, AAX, Audio Units)
  • Signed and notarized installer for macOS (ready for Big Sur)
  • Signed installer for Windows
  • New presets
  • 64-bit only

The Large Magellanic Cloud and Triangulum modes have some features not seen in the other Supermassive modes:

  • The Triangulum and Large Magellanic Cloud modes both have their echo density completely controlled by the DENSITY knob. 
  • The DENSITY knob for these modes acts more like the Diffusion control in other plugins (such as ValhallaShimmer, ValhallaDelay, & VintageVerb).
  • With DENSITY set to 0%, these modes will sound like sparse, long delays.
  • Large Magellanic Cloud will have a delay at 4X the displayed delay value with DENSITY at 0% and WARP at 0%
  • Triangulum will have a delay at 8X the displayed delay value with DENSITY at 0% and WARP at 0%
  • Turn up DENSITY (with WARP set close to 0%) and you will get shorter echoes inside the longer delay, with the length of the shorter echoes corresponding to the displayed delay values.
  • Turn up DENSITY (with WARP set to 50% or greater) and you will get long and lush reverb sounds.

The upshot of all this: Triangulum and Large Magellanic Cloud extend the functionality of ValhallaSupermassive into longer looping delays, as well as sparse reverbs, loops that build into shorter repeating delays, and huge expansive reverbs that are perfect for electronic music.

The 1.1.1 release is 64-bits only. We’ve kept our 32-bit builds going as long as possible, and 2020 marks the end of the line (due to changes in Juce, macOS, and various DAWs that balk at having 32-bit versions present). We’ll leave the last 32-bit installers up for people, but everything from Valhalla going forward will be 64-bits only.

We hope you enjoy the ValhallaSupermassive update!

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  • Sam

    I will say this much: Every single 32-bit Valhalla plugin has worked flawlessly in every single environment I have used. VST Host, Presonus, even Audacity, on new CPUs, on Atom CPUs from the mid-2010s, and on laptops going back all the way to 2008: Never a problem with 32-bit plugins.

    64-bit has almost always worked, but there have been some wrinkles: I had issues with some versions of 64-bit Valhalla Delay not opening on a machine I used to have running on an Atom CPU; the 32-bit version of the same release ran without issue. I also remember a problem with one version of a 64-bit plugin (VDelay, as I recall) on a 2013 laptop using a core i5 processor, although newer 64-bit builds work fine on that laptop.

    With Audacity, only 32-bit VST plugins are supported, and there is no timeline for when they will move to 64-bit (they finally fixed the issue with saved files using hundreds of small files instead of a single big file, which were a real pain to back up), much less VST3. I appreciate the 32-bit older versions of plug-ins still being available for download because, since I use Audacity for editing, I still sometimes need to use a 32-bit VST in my music production.

    Thanks again for all the hard work, and I eagerly await the next ValhallaDSP plugin.


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