ValhallaShimmer progress report

I am coming down the home stretch on ValhallaShimmer. The past several weeks have involved tracking down and stomping out numerous bugs, improving the automation code, and implementing a secure copy protection system that is unobtrusive to the user. I still have a few more days of work, including sending the release candidate out to my beta testers. Thanks for your patience. UPDATE: ValhallaShimmer has been released. Go to to check it out.

In other news, a patent I wrote was granted at the end of August:

The patent dates from my video game sound days, and was designed to produce better simulations of engine noise in vehicles. Not super relevant towards my current work, but something to put up while I am staring at Xcode.

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  • Hi Sean.

    How’s it coming along? I’m really hoping to be able to use it this weekend when I’m doing a 24hr music challenge.

    Any chance of a late spot on your beta roster? (Mac Pro, 10.6.4)


  • Me too! I’m as excited about this as a possible Bowie or Sylvian album!!!
    Don’t rush anything, we can wait.

  • I am looking forward to the release and what hopefully will amount to a Windows release as well.


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