ValhallaRoom Updated to 1.0.8. Resizable GUI, new reverb modes

We’ve been working hard here at Valhalla DSP towers [i.e. I’ve been working hard typing in code on my laptop while sitting at the dining room table]. One of the fruits of this labor:

ValhallaRoom has been updated to version 1.0.8. The newest features:

  • Resizable GUI. When ValhallaRoom was first released, I received several complaints that the GUI was too big. Version 1.0.8 has been updated. Now the GUI can get much, much bigger. It can also get smaller, if that is your thing.
  • Two new reverb modes, Nostromo and Narcissus. The new reverb modes both have a sparser initial echo density than most of the ValhallaRoom modes, and take longer to build in echo density. This, combined with the high frequency attenuation, random modulation, and deliberately noisy delay interpolation, can be used to create grainy emulations of vintage reverbs, as well as denser decays that have a wide spatial image.
    • Nostromo is the biggest sounding reverb in ValhallaRoom, with audible echos at the largest size settings that slowly evolve into a rich decay.
    • Narcissus is Nostromo’s little sibling, with an initial denser decay. Narcissus is also the “lightest” reverb mode in ValhallaRoom, with a very low CPU hit.

Simon Stockhausen has some beautiful demos using the new ValhallaRoom reverb modes on his Soundcloud page. The first example uses Stockhausen’s amazing soprano sax playing, processed by Nostromo:

The next example uses Symplant through Narcissus:

The final example utilizes a ring modulated sound from Alchemy, and runs it through Narcissus:

Update links have been sent out to all VRoom customers, and demos of the GUI resizing and new modes can be found on the webpage.

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