ValhallaShimmer released for OSX AU, VST, RTAS. $50. Demo versions online.

After far too much work, ValhallaShimmer is finally available for sale and demoing:


OSX users, grab yerself a demo copy and see how you like it. Windows folks, I estimate another week of work and beta testing until the Windows VST/RTAS release.

Some thanks are in order:

  • Beta testers. You’ve dealt with far too many revisions, and your input has been invaluable.
  • The Audio Damage guys. You gave me credit for my work on Eos, at a time when I had never received any public credit for my consulting gigs.
  • My old co-workers at Staccato Systems / Analog Devices. It was like going to school, just getting paid.
  • My teachers at University of Washington and CCRMA. It was exactly like going to school, except I was learning really cool stuff. You helped me start off on this crazy journey.
  • Bram Wessel and David Hopper, for encouraging me to keep going on Shimmer even when I was ready to walk away from the project.
  • All of you who have been following this blog and the forums, and giving me words of encouragement.
  • Last and by no means least, my lovely wife Kristin has given me emotional and financial support, time, and has been an awesome web designer. Plus, you’ve heard me rant about allpass filters and modulated delays for the past 13 years, which makes you a freaking hero.

Comments (5)

  • Just grab it. Thanks. That’ll keep me busy until next Spring!

  • Julian

    This is a wonderful, wonderful plugin Sean. It’s already up there with FreqEcho and Eos as one of my favourite tools. Keep making amazing algorithms!

  • Harmoko Aguswan

    Bought your plugs after listening to the demo.
    All the way from Indonesia.

    I am a Seattlelite as well. Used to live in Seattle 97-2001.

  • Looking forward to it’s decent into Windows territory!

    Looks / sounds fantastic!


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