Minimalist Friday

I’m in hardcore coding and GUI mode right now, working on finishing up my next plugin. So I haven’t had time to write my usual riveting blog posts about how the Central Limit Theorem relates to backward reverbs and the like. Dry your tears, my disappointed readers.

In lieu of any DSP science, here’s a few minimalist music videos. The first is “Clapping Music” by Steve Reich, generated entirely from footage of Angie Dickinson slapping the hell out of Lee Marvin (thanks to Todd Elliott for the tip):

Next up is the German band Trio, who were famous for “Da Da Da,” and, uh, that’s about it. From the looks of this video, they were obviously thinking really hard about how to be as dumb as possible. Which is truly one of my favorite things that any artist can do (see: Iggy Pop/Stooges, Ramones).

Not nearly as minimal, but still awesome, is the Jesus Lizard covering Trio’s “Sunday You Need Love”:

David Yow kinda mangles the lyrics to the song, but at least he finishes it without passing out. When I saw The Jesus Lizard perform the song around the same timeframe, Yow was so drunk that about halfway through the song he just dropped the mike to his side and stared off into space. Brilliant.


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  • Michael

    I believe I see the next product. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Valhalla “Stare into spaceverb”. A little Monday afternoon humor. Thanks for the excellent software and blog.


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