ValhallaRoom Released for OSX

ValhallaRoom has just been released for OSX, in the most popular plugin flavors – 32 and 64-bit Audio Units, 32-bit VST, and RTAS. The price is $50 US. You can demo/purchase the plugin at

Special thanks go out to my lovely wife, Kristin, for her design work on the GUI, and especially for her amazing new website design. You should go to and bathe in all of its majesty.

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  • John Koranek

    Hey Sean-
    Love the new plug. It’s a reasonable price, but I can’t help but ask if there is any discount for people who also bought Valhalla Shimmer.
    Also – there is more mousing around to audition presets. It would be nice to have a next/previous button.
    Thanks for the good work – John

  • Chuck Zwicky

    I’ve been playing with this new plugin for hours… it’s beautiful..!

    There is a lot more to it than you might think; 4 different reverb modes, with distinct reflection patterns, combined with a unique provision to feed the early reflections into the main reverb (giving you a lot of control over the ‘attack’ of the reverb) in addition to a separate control to balance the reflections and reverb in the main output (giving you control over the ‘shape’ )… plus independent size and modulation controls for the early reflections and the late reverb.. wow… nice work…!


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