ValhallaDelay 1.8.2 Update: Pitch Duck Mode

The ValhallaDelay 1.8.2 update features 12 original delay modes, including the new PitchDuck algorithm. The PitchDuck mode combines the base delay sound of the Pitch mode, with our unique one-knob ducking control, that allows the input signal to control the feedback gain and output volume in a smooth and continuous manner.

I’m excited about the PitchDuck mode, as it allows the user to create adaptive shimmer sounds. These are pitch shifting reverbs that are responsive to the sound being fed into them. By turning up the Diffusion and Feedback amounts and adjusting the Ducking control, you can have the classic wash of sound, or tailor the shimmer reverb so that it is more subtle or only kicks in after the input signal has quieted down. 

Here’s an example of a synth being played through a ducking shimmer patch. The track starts with Ducking set to 0%, for a more “traditional” shimmer sound. As the track progresses, the Ducking is turned up, which results in the shimmer reverb becoming clearer and less dissonant with the input signal.

The PitchDuck mode can also be used with high amounts of diffusion for more subtle ducking reverbs. Just turn the main Pitch shift to 0, set the Detune to some subtle value, turn up the Feedback for the longest tail you are looking for, and use the Ducking knob to add clarity to your sound. In this example, the synth starts dry, and abruptly fades into the reverb (my hand slipped while adjusting the mix level). The Ducking is initially set to zero, and then is turned up to add clarity to the reverb.

As with all the ducking modes, PitchDuck comes to live when playing an instrument through it in real time. Turn up the feedback to the level you want to sustain notes at after you stop playing, and then turn up Ducking to get the clarity you want while playing.

The 1.8.2 update for ValhallaDelay is FREE for all owners of ValhallaDelay, so if you already own the plugin, just log into your user account and grab the installer. Don’t own ValhallaDelay? Download the demo and check it out for yourself!

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