ValhallaÜberMod Updated to Version 1.0.1

I am happy to announce that ValhallaÜberMod has been updated to Version 1.0.1.

The changes:

  • New control, WARP InputPan. This allows the user to reverse the stereo image, sum to mono, or send to the left or right input only. The InputPan control can be used with WARP fbMix to create standard ping pong delays, as well as ping ponged multitap, ping-pong reverbs, tape delays that oscillate back and forth, and so on.
  • New factory preset groups: DoubleTracking, PingPong, StereoEnhancers
  • Fixed bug with 32-bit VST, where incorrect MODE names were displayed for some settings
  • Fixed mono->stereo bypass bug in RTAS

Emails with links to the updated installers have been sent out to all ValhallaÜberMod customers. If you are an ÜberMod user and haven’t received your links yet, send me an email and I will get the links out to you ASAP.

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