AAX Progress


All of the Valhalla DSP plugins have been ported to AAX for OSX and Windows since December 2014. Anyone that owns the Valhalla plugins can log into their valhalladsp.com user account and grab the latest installers, which have the 64-bit AAX versions included.

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  • Tim Ryan

    Hi Sean I am keen to beta Valhalla Room & Shimmer. I am running PT11.1 on OSX 10.9. Thanks, Tim

  • MusiqueMatters

    Wow What a great Christmas present I would love a copy of the beta VVV Thanks a million & Happy Holidays Amazing plugin


  • Skye

    Any updates on AAX64? Specifically for Windows?

    • I’ll post any updates to this page. Trust me, when there are AAX updates, I’m not gonna be quiet about it.

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