ValhallaDelay updated to version 2.1.0

We’ve just posted the 2.1.0 update for ValhallaDelay. The changes since 2.0.8:

  • Fixed a bug that affected project recall when using the VST3 in Studio One and FL Studio. In certain situations, the delay times would reset to 300 msec when opening a saved project. This is fixed now.

This was a STRANGE bug, and difficult to replicate. It turned out that the VST3 behaved differently in Studio One when it was used as an insert, versus a send. In general, we’ve found that VST3 support across hosts is much less robust than VST2 and Audio Unit support. This issue didn’t come up when using the VST3 in Live, Cubase or Reaper, and hasn’t come up at all when using Audio Units, VST2 or AAX.

The good news is that the 2.1.0 update also has the two cool new modes introduced with the 2.0.8 update, Quartz and PhaserDDL! PhaserDDL adds 4/6/12-stage phasers into the mix, and is one of my favorite algorithms ever, as it draws on a lot of influences that got me into electronic music and DSP in the first place. Quartz is a crystal clear digital delay, and is great for emulating “high fidelity” digital delays, as well as stomp box flangers.

We should also mention that ValhallaDelay, like all of the Valhalla plugins, has recently been updated for full native M1 compatibility for Macs! All of the Valhalla plugins are available as native Intel and ARM builds, via a single Universal Binary 2 installer, so they can run on the latest Apple Silicon / M1 Macs, as well as older Intel Macs running OS 10.8 through Big Sur.

Comments (3)

  • Richard McCorkell

    So where is the update download????

    • Don Gunn

      Updates are always available in your user account.

  • Jef Verbeeck

    I didn’t realise how awesome Delay was until I mapped it’s controls to a Midi controller. Wow! It’s so playable!

    It’s so awesome to warp beats from my drumcomputer from metallic, resonator-ish crazyness to diffuse reverb-like sounds and everything in between. Subtle ghost rhythms underneath the beat or Psychedelic Dub madness, just twist some parameters and there it is!


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