Every day is Black Friday here in Valhalla.

It’s that time of year, where people ask us “Do you have sales on Black Friday?” The answer is “Every day is Black Friday here in Valhalla.”  Here’s why:

  • We feel that $50 is a fair price for the plugin. In essence, the plugins are on sale, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We don’t play games with the prices.
  • You can feel confident that your Valhalla plugins will retain their value. The Valhalla plugin that you buy for $50 today will be selling for $50 tomorrow, and $50 next week, and $50 next month.
  • Black Friday updates are a Valhalla tradition! During the past 4 years, we have released FREE updates during the week before Black Friday. For Black Friday 2022, we’ve added two new modes to our free reverb/echo plugin, ValhallaSupermassive, as well as the new RichPitch mode to ValhallaDelay. Our goal is to add to the value of the plugins over time!
  • Audio workers have project schedules that don’t revolve around Black Friday or other sales periods. If you’re working on records or films or post-production or your own music, your projects might need a tool RIGHT NOW, and that RIGHT NOW probably doesn’t hit on Black Friday. The Valhalla plugins will be there, the same price as always, whenever you need to use them for your projects.
  • We enjoy spending time with our loved ones during these holidays, and hope that you can take the time to relax in whatever way suits you during this time. So we don’t want to stress you out with any “BUY NOW!!!” demands. No FOMO here. Feel free to buy the plugins now, or later, or whenever. We’ll be here for you.

Here’s a relaxing video for you to watch. Happy Holidays from Valhalla!